​studio 3.01
door Matthias van Beek
CREA popbands & EMP
showcase + Q&A
Thu June 18th - 20:00 HRS

Teacher Ella and the popbands she coaches will have an LIVE zoomsession on our youtube channel to talk about last season and showcase their work! The live stream will finish of with the playlist of the EMP course by Olaf.


Link to LIVE event available soon.

door Tijn Jans
& Sam Newbould
door Ella van der Woude
CREA popbands & EMP
showcase + Q&A
Thu June 18th - 20:00 HRS

Creating music together in quarantine? Ella van der Woude and her students did it and want to show you how! Tune in to our livestream to see and hear what they made, and join the conversation by asking your questions in the live chat!

​After the Q&A we will thrill your little earbuds with the amazing works by our Electronic Music Production students.


This is the link to the LIVE event.

Ella shares her experiences:

This was an interesting ride! All the limitations of the lockdown aside, the situation was definitely challenging in a positive way, forcing us to be more creative. 

The bands I coach normally play covers, I teach them to collaborate, listen and make space for each other. The interaction is key for our workshops, and as it’s impossible to play something “live” together online, we had to think of something different. All the students agreed on shifting the focus to songwriting, and off we went! 

Together, they decided on the subject of the song, the feel it would have (tempo, genre, time signature) and the general structure of it. From there on we split in different groups; some focused on the lyrics, others worked on the chords or the groove. We’d bring it together and continue building, figuring out melodies, breaks, transitions, riffs, etc… 

We used a simple browser software called BandLab to record and build the songs. I was initially hoping to finish a song every 3 lessons but it turned out a bit too optimistic; the software gave us a fair amount of struggles to work through and the collaborative approach was asking for more time. 

On my side, I explored new songwriting techniques that I was ready to apply if they needed more guidance. But they never lacked creativity or inspiration, and it was great to sense their excitement as the songs were unfolding. Their very first songs! 

You might hear some digital clicks and cracks in the tracks, witnesses of the challenges we overcame. 



Voor de cursus EMP komen singer-songwriters, DJs, producenten in spe, event-organizers, hobbyisten, gitaristen, saxofonisten en eigenlijk iedereen die van (elektronische) muziek houdt en er meer van wil weten samen.


Wel… We kwamen deze keer samen… En toen begon de Corona crisis. In de weken erna zijn we massaal online verhuisd en het was hartverwarmend om te merken hoe het enthousiasme, de passie voor wat we aan het doen waren ons allen motiveerde en in ieder geval voor mij als docent meerdere lichtpuntjes in de verder soms donkere weken bracht. Enkele van de producties die in de cursussen door de deelnemers zijn gemaakt kun je hier beluisteren. Naast vlammend dansmuziek zijn er soundscapes en zelfs een nummer over de huidige actualiteit. Natuurlijk is er nog veel meer gemaakt de afgelopen weken en hebben we kunnen genieten niet alleen van elkaars muziek maar ook elkaars feedback, humor, gedeelde ervaring en beleving in deze tijd en lieve positiviteit.


Deze ervaring is speciaal geweest en ons wellicht ook geleerd dat we de nu al meer dan tien jaar lopende EMP cursus ook de komende tijd gaan voortzetten!


Geniet van de muziek!

1 A Healthy Dose of Triptamines Dirk
00:00 / 03:13
2 BLMStephan Wolven
00:00 / 04:26
3 DavetehduudKenneth van Rijsbergen
00:00 / 03:05
4 EMP 1 SongMargot Domart
00:00 / 03:11
5 EMP analog jam3Reinout Haisma
00:00 / 02:35
6 Pai XangôAlvaro Tellez Remix
00:00 / 04:35
7 StealGauthier Cini
00:00 / 07:05
8 ST├ÿTS Opposite DimensionsMickey Stots
00:00 / 07:28
9 By the StreamAdanya Dunn
00:00 / 06:52
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electronic music production
door Olaf Kerckhaert
Crea voor Sjoerd Jans print 140 x 91 cm-

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Crea voor Sjoerd Jans print 140 x 91 cm-

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