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documentary I
by Bernadette Gerats
documentary I & II, documentary & fiction
by Marieke Rodenburg

Documentary (and fiction ) in Covid 19 times

by Marieke Rodenburg

When he semi-lockdown in The Netherlands started, the basics of filmmaking has been processed, people were thinking of creating their own projects, having plans in many and diverse directions within the genres and styles of filmmaking. 

Then the question arises to continue, take up the possibilities of translating this particular time into your own project of film. We’ve sent out this idea; 

We are surrounded by a flood of news items about the Corona virus. But what happens behind these headlines? What do you see around you, what extraordinary consequences does it bring? How do people deal with the fact that everything is changed suddenly? What do they do, how do they behave and reorganize their daily life? Or do they continue? What way does it lead to certain special, funny reflections?  Is it about the waiting, or about the standstill or alternatives, creative solutions people take, finances, family ties, friendship etc..?


With some hiccups of focussing, caring of other worries, priorities and organising yourself, without the infrastructure of cameras and editing suites at CREA, a group of dedicated participants continued online, meeting every week, and searched for the beauty around them. Even students who had to go back to their families in Italy, Spain or Hungary and were in severe lockdown succeeded to make some work. We are very happy that they did!  


The results  are all work in progress, a continued proces, and foremost a valuable reflection in image and sound of these times!

Documentary I

by Bernadette Gerats

De filmpjes zijn korte opdrachten van de beginnerscursus Documentaire Film.
Vanuit thuis experimenteerden deelnemers met verhalen, camera en montage: vingeroefeningen in Coronatijd.

(this event is already over)



CREA documentary screening
Wed June 17th - 19:30 HRS


Documentary teachers Marieke and Bernadette will, together with their students, showcase the documentary projects LIVE on youtube!


Grab some popcorn, cuddle up on your couch and open the YouTube app on that smart TV! Tonight our documentary students will provide that short respite from the world.

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studio 3.22

Crea voor Sjoerd Jans print 140 x 91 cm-

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