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the damned
course impression
course: acteren (ITA)
by: Fleur de Graaf

​season: 21/22 - block 4

In 2022, Fleur taught a CREA acting class for the last time. Here, you can see the result of her last acting group (ITA). 

There are few (if any) teachers who have been associated with CREA for longer. 


Fleur has enthused many students over the years in both the old building on Turfdraagsterpad and here in the new building on Roeterseiland about theatre, acting and design. 

A deep bow to Fleur and all she has meant to CREA. 


Thank you Fleur!

improv theatre ||
course impression
course: improv theater || 
by: Annika van Oostveen 
​season: 20/21 - block 1

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