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CREA photo contest
23/24 - block 3
photo contest
theme: fresh

Every season, at the end of the course block, we organise a photo contest as a finale to our photography courses.


The theme the teachers have decided on this season is: fresh


Two kinds of prizes will be awarded:

  • There is an audience award of which the winner wins a rent credit worth €100 at Budgetcam.

  • The winner of the jury award will receive a free 10-week CREA course of their choice.

The winning photos will also be displayed in large format in CREA's main hall for an entire course block!


There are two ways in which you can cast your vote on the nominees for the audience award: 

  • Via the poll: below you can find the nominees. Use the poll widget to cast your vote for your favourite photograph. 

  • On Instagram: pick your favourite with our Insta-story polls. (will be posted on Thursday 13 June 12:00 hrs)


photo contest
Our jury made a selection of 10 nominees from all the entries from this course block, from which they themselves chose a jury winner and from which the public may choose an audience winner.

We hereby introduce our panel:
Dennis van Galen
CREA director

Dennis has been the director of CREA since the end of 2019. He was previously head of artistic affairs at Adelheid Roosen's dynamic theatre organisation and before that, he was director of Youth Theatre Hofplein in Rotterdam and even managed to get a youth performance to Lowlands.

Art education is a connecting factor in his career. For instance, he was artistic director of the Theatre teacher programme at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. Dennis was a (guest) teacher at various conservatoires, theatre schools in the Netherlands and abroad, the Dutch Fil
m Academy, and worked as an art consultant for a contemporary art gallery in Sydney, Australia. 


Milan Moheb

programme manager at FLOOR HvA


Milan works as a programme manager at

FLOOR HvA, which is the cultural platform of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

FLOOR organises free weekly events, for connection and deepening alongside your studies. In the past, he studied at AMFI (fashion branding) and then also taught Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute for several years as a teacher. In his spare time, he likes to go to concerts, unwind in nature and dedicate himself to people and animal rights.

...and the winners are

by Floor Stikkelbroeck
Floor Stikkelbroeck-FRIS-Fizzy Fashionista-Rogier.jpg

This photo was taken during the From Snapshot to Art course given by CREA teacher Rogier Alleblas.​


by Indy van Arkel
Indy van Arkel-Fresh-Freshwater Zebra Mussel-Sander.JPG

A picture full of textures, layers, sharpness and depths that makes a lot happen in the minds of the judges. You are taken on a journey through associations and images. With each cropping of the photo, a new story emerges. It is an image focusing on a minuscule detail in nature: the tiny zebra mussel, central, in a stream of crisp water over stones, edges and ledges. Water so clear and fresh you could drink it in your mind. And at the same time, the picture conjures up images of galaxies and black holes that the Euclid, Hubble or James Webb telescope might have made.

Thus, tiny and immeasurably large are artfully captured in a single photographic image.

This photo was taken during the Photography course given by CREA teacher Sander Heezen.​

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